International perspectives are focused on knowledge-based economy, organization and management. Knowledge is and will remain an inexhaustible source of development on all levels. The SARS-CoV2 pandemic has shown that only science can solve current and future problems, while knowledge is the only thing that can lead to a reasonable and acceptable end for all parties involved. Past, present and future knowledge can help humanity overcome any impasse, thus a knowledge-based society can only be built on knowledge-based management. Quality and the concepts associated with it are the only way to implement meritocracy and total quality management. The correct solution is based on the application of correctly prepared procedures that aim at both the concepts of an organization that learns and at client obsession. Well-trained specialists in their field can offer correct and timely solutions to existing problems, which is also perfectly valid during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic.
This volume offers a broad, complex and complete view of these issues (and not only). These fundamental ideas find their explanations within this volume which is addressed to managers on all levels, specialists in the field, but also to students in management schools.